Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Blur Months

As my boss calls it, these past few months have turned into the "blur months," and it has been quite crazy with daily events, best friends leaving for Australia (hagulgul), meeting amazing bloggers, and keeping appointments.... Madness. The happy kind, of course.

That said, I promise to post something really soon! <3 There is quite a lot to talk about so keep posted, and I will sign off with my new hashtag, care of new blogger friends... hahaha!



Monday, September 28, 2015

First Things First: Introductions

So…here we are. Blogging.
Nobody ever told me what to write about in my first entry, but I suppose introductions are in order.
My name is Justine Evangelista. Most people know and call me Cheers, hence the title. I am am a graduate of a double major in BBA Marketing and Management from Northwood University, USA, and landed in employment that has close to nothing to do with it.

I have been writing since 2009 and have had the honor to work in two of the biggest publishing groups in the Philippines. I'm pretty grateful to have learned a thing or two from real writers and editors.
Recently, I began work for a boutique public relations company, and let me tell you, it is interesting to be on the other side of the fence. Similar to the press life, it is truly not as glamorous as most people think — trust me. ;) But it is great fun nonetheless.

In one event, I got to chat with one of my favorite bloggers, Yuki Tansengko, to ask about what blogging is about, how to get started and all that jazz. All she told me was, “just start and figure it out later.” And so here I am — typing and figuring it out.

In my career I’ve had the chance to write about many, many things. I started with recipes, food and restaurant reviews, then later on my jobs required me to write about subjects like housekeeping, beauty, etiquette, and even pets! I guess since I've tried this way before, I'll keep to it since it's a comfortable place to start.
For now I’ll be covering some of my thoughts, makeup reviews on products I appreciate, delicious food, and events I get invited to. Woohoo! This should be fun!

See you come the next entry!